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I had like to ask your attention for my health tips.

In June 2003 the doctor in the "Erasmus Medisch Centrum" hospital in Rotterdam told me that they could not find the cause of my health problems. They found that I was having the "Syndrome of Marfan" (click here) but my headaches were not explained by that syndrome. 

So many days I was very ill with very often terrible headaches but my doctors had no solution.

But by means of the information that I found on internet in the years following 2003  I discovered various ways about how to get a better health. Today I have a good health condition.

The surprising thing I found on internet is the fact that there are some very basic things by which we can improve our health. In my situation it resulted in the fact that  I was getting rid of my "unknown illness".

Now I am inviting you to read the articles on my website. Most likely it will help you also to get a better health.

Professor Cees Vermeer of the university of Maastricht has demonstrated that vitamin K2 is helping against atherosclerosis .  

But why are doctors still prescribing statines?

Scientifical research has shown that statines are doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do. That is very strange. Isn't it? 

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Lees ook wat de 3 pijlers zijn van een goede gezondheid. Dit is van belang voor alle mensen van alle leeftijden.
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Wat zegt de Bijbel over vaccineren?

            Versie: 2015-09-09.

Wim Vogelaar